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If you would like to be a red squirrel ally there are a number of ways you can get involved.


If you would like to volunteer your time to help red squirrel conservation then please contact us: rsswproject@gmail.com

Whether this is fundraising on behalf of RSSW, helping at an event, trapping for grey squirrels, or another way, we rely heavily on our amazing volunteers and appreciate your help no matter how big or small!

The Exmoor Squirrel Project (ESP)

The Exmoor Squirrel Project is an exciting venture taking place along the North coast of Exmoor, covering the stretch of coastal woodland from Ilfracombe to Minehead and encompassing the ancient trees and temperate rainforest habitats found there. The project is a partnership between Exmoor National Park and Red Squirrel South-West and is working to reduce grey squirrel populations in the project area. This is in a bid to reduce the harmful impacts inflicted by invasive grey squirrels, and to allow the natural regeneration of the Sessile Oak woodlands within the area – leading to improved tree health, increased biodiversity, and ultimately the reintroduction of Red Squirrels back to Exmoor. 

The project team will be building up a local volunteer network, to conduct tree damage surveys, record sightings and assist with trapping grey squirrels – all helping us work towards our project aims and ultimate outcome – to improve native biodiversity and return Red Squirrels to the South-West.

More information can be found on the website pages set up specifically for this project by our brilliant employed ‘Wildlife and Woodland Management Officers’ at Three Atop Woodland Services who oversee project work on the ground in Exmoor.

If you would like to find out more and see how you can get involved, please contact us (rsswproject@gmail.com) or Three Atop directly – thank you for your support!


If you are in the South West area and would like to join our grey control network or need help/support with your population please get in touch!

Charles Dutton & Co conducted the year-long pilot study and produced an advisory report for the Exmoor Squirrel Project at its launch, outlining the current state of the wildlife and woodland in the project area. Charles has provided professional support in the form of advisory Grey Squirrel Control Plans to the project as work has progressed. Charles is an extremely experienced forester who specialises in clearing greys from woodlands and protecting timber harvesting from their damage. He can provide advice to landowners who may be struggling with grey squirrels on their land.


Introduce red squirrel conservation to your classes with the Red Squirrel Education Pack.

The Red Squirrel Education Pack has been created to raise awareness of the plight of the native British squirrel and of the conservation efforts to help them regenerate. Suitable for KS2 classes, the Red Squirrel Education Pack is a cross-curricular resource designed to last a teacher a half-term with exciting and stimulating activities in Science, Mathematics, Geography, Home Economics, English, Music, Art, Public Speaking and Drama.

The Red Squirrel Education Pack was written by Olivia Kennaway who grew up at Escot Park in Devon where there is a Red Squirrel Enclosure for conservation purposes. Olivia created the Red Squirrel Education Pack initially for her final major project in her Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Degree; the striking photography of red squirrels in the pack is all her own work.

To find out more about the education pack visit their website.


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